Moments of Life

Academic studies at MEF

Private school for foreigners.

New Year’s Eve holiday break for education.

The earthquake and its aftermath have made many of us question our lives due to what we heard and witnessed. And for some of us, it embittered against life. The recent disasters have touched every single life without exception.

So much so that not only us, but the whole world watched and is still watching in astonishment and sadness The media members who brought the efforts of our volunteers to the screen have soothed our hearts. As news came from the region in the following days, with estimates of two hundred and fifty to three hundred thousand potential casualties, we were left breathless. We were frozen in front of the screens in the face of the scenes we saw. We felt as if dirt had been thrown on top of us. We felt cold. Our hearts ached. We were unable to reach our loved ones in the area by phone. We couldn’t get any news. We couldn’t cry. We experienced every kind of emotion, but mostly we felt extreme pain We wanted to say a lot of things. But in reality, there was nothing to be said.

My condolences. May disasters come to an end.